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Welcome to Wilson & Associates

A.J. Wilson & Associates International (WAI) was formed in 1999 in response to the burgeoning demand for management skills in South Africa and Africa as a whole, particularly in the public sector. This is particularly evident in the areas of strategic management, policy, institutional aspects and the trend towards various forms of commercialisation.

Most, if not all of the above, demand a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to obtain the optimum outputs. This necessitates project management skills that can transcend discipline and sector boundaries and this is a particular focus area for the company.

In many ways WAI has been set up as a “virtual company”. This implies that there are very few permanent staff, but access to an extensive network of small and freelance consultants. 

We believe this presents a number of advantages to the client as follows:

Overheads and costs can be controlled.

Greater flexibility in terms of assembling teams

Access to recognised specialists

Personal service and attention to detail

Together we will grow is Our Vision Statement

Our logo epitomises our commitment to the growth and development of our clients, but at the same time always keeping in mind that our future prospects depend critically on their future success. The founder of WAI, Mr Adrian Wilson, is a chartered and professional civil engineer with a Masters’ degree in Business Leadership. He has 28 years’ experience in the water industry, 12 years in local government and 12 years in the utility sector. Adrian has 19 years of management experience at various levels. For the 5 years prior to forming WAI, he held a top executive position in Umgeni Water, a major South African water utility.